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Hello There!

I’m Liz Kohler Brown, a surface designer and letterer who loves helping creatives find their style and sell their work.

Popular Classes

Art Nouveau in Pattern

Learn to integrate trending artwork into your portfolio by mastering the fluidity and complexity of Art Nouveau patterns. Discover techniques like overlapping elements, using S curves, and building graceful, seamless patterns that are beautiful, modern, and licensable art inspired by historical trending methods.

Design an Illustrated Calendar

Learn how to plan, design, and sell an illustrated calendar from initial concept to finished calendar listed for sale.  We’ll use dropshipping to distribute your calendar in this easy class that turns your calendar-design dreams into a reality.

Pattern Math & Layouts

A series that covers all the formulas and tricks you need to build simple and complex geometric-based layouts.  This is a “pattern math” essentials series that will help you understand how to build any pattern your heart desires.

gouache in Procreate

Learn how to create realistic gouache-style illustrations using a variety of brushes and layering techniques, and get my full gouache brushset that you can use for personal or commercial use.

historical patterns

Learn how to use layouts, motifs, and techniques used throughout history to build patterns that go way beyond the standard scattered repeats that you see in so many modern patterns.

Etsy & Dropshipping

Learn how to sell your artwork on products that are printed on-demand and sold in shops like Etsy, Shopify and in-person art & craft events.  This process allows you to stop waiting for licensors to reply to your emails, and start selling your own work without shipping a single package!

New On the Blog

Shop My Work

Cards & Calendars

In my Etsy Shop you’ll find my hand lettered cards and calendars that I create in Procreate using the processes I teach in my classes.


You can shop my patterns on a wide range of fabrics at Hawthorne Supply Co.


See all my newest artwork and collaborations with brands that sell my artwork around the world.

Trend Reports

Each month, I share a trending art and design themes report to help creatives stay on top of trends without compromising their creative style.