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I hope you are excited about diving into some Procreate projects with me!  Enter your email below to get all the resources (brushes, palettes, and reference image links) that I use throughout the book.

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The Resources:

  • All of the brushes I use throughout the projects in the book
  • All of the palettes that you can pop into your Procreate Color Library
  • A list of reference image resources that I go to when I need inspiration
In the book, I’ll be using these resources to create all the projects so be sure to grab these now so you can use these resources to follow along with me.  See you there!

Heads up...

It can take a couple of minutes for the email to arrive in your inbox.  In the meantime, do you want to learn some Procreate basics in a short, free video lesson?  Learn more below!

Procreate Foundations

  • What are the basics of how the Procreate app works?

  • What are the best file sizes and document setups to use?  

  • How do you use layers and the basic tools?

  • How do you import and use custom brushes and textures?

  • How do you export and share your work?