Free Download – Digital Planner Fruit Stickers

I made some tropical watercolor fruit planner stickers that I wanted to share with you as a free download. I love painting simple watercolor illustrations on my iPad.  It’s the perfect way to doodle and loosen up, without worrying about creating a final product.  If you want to give it a try, check out my […]

3 Free Adult Coloring Pages (Digital or Printable!)

I created some free downloadable coloring book pages that I wanted to share with you because, well, I’m in love with adult coloring!  There I said it.  I can’t stop making these pages, and I love to see how people use color to complete the drawings. You can use these pages for digital coloring using […]

New Skillshare Class | Design an Adult Coloring Book Page on Your iPad

The only thing more fun than coloring an intricate coloring book page, is designing your very own page to share with family, friends, or your online following.  If you’re like me, you think every coloring page would be better if it just had “a little more ______”. Us makers are annoyingly picky, thus we often […]

Free Glitter Digital Planner Stickers

I created some free glitter planner stickers that I wanted to share with you all as a free download.  If you’re a fan of the Happier podcast like me, you know that adults need gold stars sometimes too! Use these stickers in your planner to mark a daily goal, celebrate a milestone, or mark an […]

Glitter, Gold & Gouache on Your iPad in Procreate

I am so excited to introduce this new class on Glitter, Gold, & Gouache! The process creates a bright and sparkling effect that jumps off the page. In the class, I’ll show you every step of combining metallics with gouache, plus give you some free glitter and gold downloads. When you watch the class, you’ll […]

Paint Modern Gouache Florals on Your iPad + 7 FREE Brushes

After working with watercolors for years, I was ready to make a big change and go back to an opaque medium.  I created 7 gouache brushes for Procreate that you can use to create realistic gouache paintings. In the class I cover: how to use the brushes with a layering process to create a realistic […]

Free Digital Planner Download + Video Demo

Am I the only one obsessed with digital planning right now?  I doubt it because I keep seeing digital planners all over Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram! I have finally thrown out my paper planner and moved to 100% digital planning and note taking.  I wanted to share my newest planner as a free download, and share […]

FREE Digital Planner Stickers!

I love adding some color and illustration to my digital planner! Today I want to share a few digital planner stickers I created.  The first is a set of 90’s style illustrations – everything from a cassette tape and high tops, to the 5 pound gigantic cell phones we used to drag around.  The second is […]

Free Botanical Drawings for Bullet Journaling

I’ve started adding these hand drawn and traced botanical elements to my bullet journals/digital planners and wanted to share a few with you all.  I love the hand drawn touch these add to my planner.  I created 2 pages – one hand sketched botanicals page, and one traced botanicals page. If you want to see […]

Create a Seamless Repeat on your iPad

When I first got my iPad I thought there wasn’t an easy way to make a seamless repeat pattern without using my computer at some point.  Then I discovered this super easy method!  In this class, I’ll show you my whole process + tons of ways to create repeat pattern elements on your iPad. In […]

Free Printable Cards | 2 Birthday Card Downloads

I have had mild obsession with making greeting cards since I first started dabbling in drawing. Designing them on the iPad is taking my obsession to a whole new level. I made a couple of free downloadable cards to go along with my new class on Ink & Watercolor greeting cards. You can check out the class here, and download […]

Ink & Watercolor Botanicals on Your iPad in Procreate

Do you love drawing botanicals as much as I do?  If so, you will love this class!  I’ll show you how to draw freehand, and how to trace images to create gorgeous botanical drawings.  We’ll cover methods for adding definition and shading, plus look at some easy ways to collage botanical elements. I’ll show you my […]