Free Hand Lettered Watercolor Digital Planner Stickers

I love adding a bit of color to my digital planner.  It helps important notes stand out, but also just makes it more fun to use my planner!  I made 3 different color versions of all the reminder and goal related words I could think of: remember goal party vacation crushed it killed it done […]

Paint Watercolor Wreaths on Your iPad in Procreate

I have loved painting watercolor wreaths on paper for years, but had trouble translating the same style into my digital work.  For this class though, I dug deep into my favorite watercolor wreaths on paper and recreated them in digital form. Ready to learn how?  Watch the class here. In the class I’ll show you […]

Free Watercolor Wreath Digital Planner Stickers

So I’ve been making tons of watercolor wreaths for my class on watercolor wreaths in Procreate, and I wanted to share a few of the finished products with you all as free downloads.  You can use these in your digital planners to highlight a special day, goal, or milestone.  If you’re not sure how to […]

New Lettering Templates, Chalk Brushes, & Fonts for Procreate

I’ve been dabbling in lettering for years, but couldn’t seem to find a type of lettering that fit my personal style.  My problem is, I like ALL types of lettering, so I have trouble focusing on just one.  Then I found chalk!  Chalk lettering lets you combine hand lettering, calligraphy, and illustrative lettering into one […]

Paint Tropical Watercolor Fruit on Your iPad in Procreate

Watercolor fruit is one of the easiest things to paint, and as a bonus, you get to use tons of bright and vibrant colors.  These are great for making seamless repeats, greeting cards, or a colorful desktop background. In the class, I’ll show you the easy steps to paint tropical watercolor fruit on your iPad […]