Repeat Patterns for Print-On-Demand

I started selling my patterns on Spoonflower in 2015, and after my first $5 sale I was hooked and never looked back. Now I have my patterns on Society6, RedBubble, and multiple products through art licensors all because I got started with that first rough-around-the-edges shop!

See All My Studio Gear

Nearly every day someone asks me: What is the best iPad for drawing? What Apple Pencil works best for drawing? Here is the thing — whatever you can afford is the best tool for YOU. I started with the cheapest (refurbished) versions of everything, and have worked my way up over time as my business has grown.

Easy Neon Lettering Tutorial in Procreate

Neon is one of those super quick features you can add into an illustration to give it a bold pop of color and light.  It’s a great way to display a message that you want to share with your audience, so get ready with your favorite short quote! Neon works best on a dark background, […]