Wallpapering My Studio with my Own Pattern

Lately I’ve been dreading sitting down at my desk to draw and find myself coming up with any excuse I can to work outside the house, so I knew it was time to re-vamp my drawing space to make it more inviting. I’ve been reading Joyful, which is all about how to add joy into […]

Working with Vectors on Your iPad

Questions about vectors are one of the most common things in my inbox each morning.  What are the best iPad apps for working with vectors?  How can you vectorize drawings made in Procreate?  And what the heck is a vector anyway?  In my new class on working with vectors on your iPad I answer all […]

Free 2022 Dated Digital Planner + 3 Color Options

If you used my 2021 dated planner, you’ll recognize this design!  It is essentially the same layout with one obvious difference — the dates are for 2022.  But I’ve also added color options since so many of you requested specific colors last year.  Hopefully I’ve covered some of your favorites this time around! I created […]

Ribbon Script in Procreate + Free Ribbon Script Brushes

Ribbon script is a classic holiday/winter lettering style that looks difficult to create but is surprisingly quick and easy to pull together!  Combine it with a bit of illustration and you’ve got a beautiful shareable image for social media, your portfolio, or an art print. I created a quick tutorial + all the brushes and […]