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3 Free Fonts for Personal/Commercial Use: Mudcloth, Ivory, and Flourish

I’ve always been one of those annoyingly picky people who wants to customize EVERYTHING.  So naturally, every time I find a font I like, I want it to be just a little different.  I started making my own fonts a few years ago, and finally have a set that I’m really happy with.  I wanted to share all three with you all as a free download (for personal or commercial use)!  If you use them, you don’t have to credit me every time, but I would absolutely love to see what you make with them, so pretty please tag me on Instagram or Facebook @lizkohlerbrown

If you’re not sure how to use downloaded fonts on your iPad, check out this quick tutorial:

The first is an all caps mudcloth/Thai weaving inspired font.  The font has a combination of patterns and open block letters, so it’s great for a bold heading.  Click to download the Mudcloth Font

The second font is a lightweight airy font with some playful lettering variations.  It has upper and lower case letters, so it’s great for a variety of uses.  Click to Download the Ivory Font 

The third font is inspired by circus style vintage posters.  I’ve been looking for a font like this for years that had soft rather than hard pointy edges, so finally just broke down and made it!  It’s an all caps font, so it’s perfect for headers and titles. Click to Download the Flourish Font

If you want to learn how to create your own fonts, check out my class on how to design unique fonts on your iPad: