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3 Free Online Resources for Beautiful Color Palettes

If you’re like me, you spend wayyyy too much time searching for color combinations. I finally broke down and did an exhaustive search in order to narrow down my favorite resources for color palettes so I never have to suffer from lack of good colors again.

I tried all of the color tools I could find, and narrowed it down to three with that best fit my criteria:

1) easy to use

2) minimal or non-existent adds

3) ability to create your own palettes

Below you’ll find 3 easy to use sources that will undoubtably fulfill your wildest color dreams!

Color Hunt

Color Hunt is a super-sleek and easy to use site that allows you to see thousands of color palettes, create your own, and vote on the ones you like best. You can even see the number of votes given to each palette to help you get an idea of what color combinations are popular. The only limitation I can see is that you can only choose four colors, but as a person who has been known to go a LITTLE crazy with color, it’s probably best that I’m limited to only four.

Coolors is another site that allows you to make your own palettes and sift through endless palettes made by users around the world. Just like Color Hunt, you can create your own palettes and other users can see and vote on each other’s combinations. What I love about this site is that it allows you to choose 5 colors, which in my mind allows for a background shade. I’m not crazy about the black site theme on this site because it makes it difficult to see darker colors well on the screen, but I still use this site often to get 5 color combos.

Adobe Color

Adobe Color is an advanced tool that not only lets you create your own palettes, but also helps you understand color relationships. On the left you can choose a color relationship, then adjust the sliders on the color wheel to see different options. Click Explore on the top bar to see a huge selection of user generated color combinations.

Or click Trends to see color trends in a wide range of art and design categories.

You can save the color palette you want to use by taking a quick screenshot (press the power and home buttons at the same time on your iPad), then save them in an album in your Photos app. Now, I’m off to make some beautiful palettes!

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