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70s Lettering in Procreate

70s style is back! I’ve been seeing 70s colors, designs, and lettering all over the design world lately, so I knew it was time to dive into this style to figure out what elements make it unique and eye catching.

In my newest class you’ll learn how to create 70s style hand lettering and decoration from start to finish.  We’ll cover everything you need to know to add the kind of bold color, drastic variation, and playful decorations that were so popular in the 70s and are now popping up all over in the design world on stationary, clothing, home decor.

Need some beginner hand lettering tips and tricks before diving into this class? Check out my book on iPad lettering in Procreate.

In the class, I’ll be demonstrating the lettering styles on my iPad in Procreate, but you could do this same process with any other digital design program or on paper.

When you take this class you’ll get all of the Procreate brushes and letter style guides I use to create my 70s style lettering.  The set includes 7 texture brushes that will help you add a vintage feel to your compositions, 8 decoration stamps, and 4 letter style guides that will take you through every step of creating 70s style serif and script letters.

First we’ll use a bell bottom inspired serif to create a playful lettering composition.  We’ll talk about how to create a fluid 70s feel, and I’ll give you lots of ideas for quotes and 70s color palettes.

Next I’ll show you how to create a bouncy 70s inspired script.  I’ll share with you some practice sheets I created that you can use to practice the letter style on your iPad or on paper.

Last we’ll look at ways to add interesting decorative elements to your lettering like illustrations, layered perspective, and outlines.  We’ll also cover a few ways to add animation to your lettering to help it stand out online.

You can use the compositions you create in this class for print on demand projects, gifts, or to post on social media and your website.

Not ready to watch the class now? Hover on the image below to pin it for later.

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