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Hello there!

I’m Liz, an artist, designer, author, and teacher who teaches how to become a course creator. I love sharing resources with artists, designers, and other course creators!   

I’ve been painting, collaging, and drawing since I was old enough to hold scissors and pencils without adult supervision, and I earned an MFA in art in 2013.  Since then, I’ve been teaching around the world, online and in person.

I’m obsessed with pushing the limits of painting and illustrating on my iPad, and helping hobbyists, artists, and designers develop their creative styles.  I share tons of iPad tips, resources and downloads on my blog here
I love sharing free resources with artists and designers around the world, so each of my classes includes some freebies like these brushes and workbook pages from my Plant Illustrations Class.

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Common Questions

Can I use your brushes and downloads for commercial use?

I love to give away free brushes and downloads!  I create them specifically for the projects shown in my classes, but feel free to use them on other projects.  You can use the brushes and downloads I give away to create artwork for both personal and commercial use.  The only restriction is that I ask that you don’t sell or give away the brushes or downloads themselves.  Anything you create on your own device is fair game though!  Have more questions?  Send me a message below.


Where did you get your iPad grip and case?

I created a post with links to all of my favorite iPad gear here, and talk about my favorite screen protector here.


Where should I start with iPad art/design?

Check out this page where I list some beginner friendly classes.


How much do your classes cost?

You can learn about pricing here.


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