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Acrylic Landscapes in Procreate + 32 Free Acrylic Procreate Brushes and Stamps

Landscape painting is my go-to process when I get stuck in a creative rut. There are days when I just don’t feel like drawing anything, but somehow seeing a beautiful landscape can get me in the mood to start creating!

I decided to turn my love of landscape painting into a class, so all you fellow landscape lovers can start incorporating landscapes into your drawing routine. In the class you’ll learn everything you need to know to create acrylic landscape paintings on your iPad in Procreate!

When you watch the class you’ll get all of the acrylic brushes I created including 12 different types of acrylic strokes, textures, and some color changing brushes that will help add some realistic variation to your paintings.


The set also includes 19 bird and plant stamps, so you can quickly add some layering and depth to your composition.  I’ll show you how I created the stamps, so you can make some of your own unique silhouettes that fit the location and mood of your landscape.


First we’ll look at a few ways to create a fluid sky full of variation and acrylic streaks.  We’ll cover easy ways to add shadow and highlights to your landscape features, then look at how to use elements in the foreground to add depth to your paintings.


Next we’ll use an impressionist painting style to build up a landscape with small strokes.  We’ll talk about ways to use light and shadow to create an abstract landscape that is full of color and variation.


Last we’ll combine all the painting techniques into a varied composition with bold shapes and color.  We’ll look at how to adjust the colors of your painting so even if you’re working with a plain landscape, you can still create a vibrant painting.  I’ll show you how to get tons of beautiful acrylic paint strokes and textures so that your paintings have the lifelike feeling that is often missing in digital art.


By the end of this class you’ll be able to turn any landscape into a beautiful painting.  Landscape painting is a great way to help you loosen up with your digital drawing and painting.  You can even create simple abstract paintings in a few minutes, just to loosen up before a drawing session.

It’s also my go-to painting style when I get stuck in a creative rut. Even when I have no idea what to draw, I can always be inspired by a beautiful landscape and some simple paint strokes!


You could use the paintings you create in this class as gifts for friends and family, art prints to sell or give away, or upload them to print on demand sites like Society6 and Red Bubble.


Painting in Procreate is also a great way to plan for your paintings on canvas.  If you like painting with acrylics on real canvas but tend to be disappointed by the results, you can use Procreate as a sketching tool for planning out the colors and composition, before putting brush to canvas.

All you need to take this class is your iPad and a stylus.  I’ll be using the Apple Pencil, but you could use any stylus or even your finger. 

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