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Affinity Designer for iPad Quick Start Guide for Surface Designers

I know that a lot of surface designers out there are curious about how to make repeat patterns in Affinity Designer for iPads (especially once they drool over the live pattern preview like the one below), but feel intimidated by learning a new interface.

I am happy to tell you that Affinity Designer is far more intuitive than you may think, and once you learn the basics you’ll see how it’s so much faster than trying to build a repeat pattern in an app like Procreate!  

I created this 20 page guide for you so you can dip your toe into Affinity Designer to see it’s right for you before you get the app.

If you are ready to start creating patterns that are 1) vector based so they are infinitely scalable and 2) easy to create and check as you work, you can get started with the guide below.  I can’t wait to see your patterns!

The Guide

This guide is a 20 page deep dive into all the basics of Affinity Designer for iPads including

  • How the basic tools work
  • How to turn your artwork into vectors
  • How to create patterns in Affinity Designer
  • How to export and save your work

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