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Apply to be my Marketing/Design Assistant

**This position has been filled. Thank you to everyone who applied!**

I have been so fortunate to find more work than I can handle, and I truly need some help!  I’m looking for someone who could work about 6-10 hours per week starting out, and more in the future if the person is knocking it out of the park.

This person has to have:

-great grammar/spelling (I need someone who can check my work and do some writing for me)

-some experience with Facebook and Pinterest

-basic photo editing experience (cropping, brightening, touch-ups)

-ipad, Procreate, and apple pencil + have seen at least one of my classes

-basic knowledge of Procreate tools

-the ability to work with me regularly via Google Hangouts sometime from 8am-7pm EST (not all hours you work have to be at that time, but we would have to meet occasionally sometime during those hours)

-fast internet connection

Bonus points for having:

-experience with wordpress

-a blog/public social accounts

-experience with Google analytics

-experience with Excel or Google Spreadsheets

-Affinity Designer experience

I’m not necessarily looking for a master artist!  I would love to find someone who has great organizational skills and is able to work independently, quickly, and carefully.  My dream would be to find someone who is more organized and better at grammar/marketing/photo editing than me.

**This position has been filled. Thank you to everyone who applied!**

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