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Architecture Illustrations in Procreate Class


Learn how to communicate a city, country or culture through architectural elements in your illustrations + get my 9 free architecture inspired Procreate texture brushes.

What You’ll Learn

In this class you’ll learn how to create one of the most marketable illustration elements out there — architecture!  If you’re stuck drawing the same old boring windows, doors, and buildings this class will challenge you to incorporate unique and eye-catching architectural elements into your work.

The Brushes

The Procreate brushset that goes along with this class includes 9 architecture themed texture brushes that you can use to add grit and depth to your illustrations.

The Projects

We’ll create three different projects together, so you can explore individual architectural elements one at a time.  You’ll finish this class with three projects that you can use for personal or commercial use!



In the class we’ll talk about how to communicate locations and cultures in your work using architecture, so you can show your audience exactly what place and feel you want to depict.

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