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Art Nouveau in Pattern Class

Did you know maximalism is trending?  Art Nouveau artists were masters of using maximalism to fill a pattern block with fluid shapes, which is why I knew this was a great time to take a deep dive into Art Nouveau style pattern design!

In this class, we use the techniques and processes that these artists used to:

  • hide their repeat seams
  • build fluid patterns that have been trending for decades
  • employ shape math to build fluid curves

What You'll Learn

More of a video person?  You can see all this in video form or keep reading below.

The Workbook

I created a workbook for you with practice activities that will help you grasp the key concepts that you’ll need to start integrating fluidity and balance into your patterns.

The great news is, all of these techniques are based on math, so you don’t have to be a master pattern maker to use them!

The Projects

We’ll be working together throughout the class to build a pattern collection using these principles, so you’ll finish this class with a pattern collection in hand!  

One of the key principles we’ll practice is overlapping, so we’ll create an intricate overlapping pattern together using lots of tricks to help you stay organized and keep the overlapping fluid as you work.

We’ll practice creating art nouveau inspired motifs like this one that work well as blenders or as fillers in between other pattern elements.

We’ll also create a vine pattern with intricate connecting pieces, so you can pratice creating a pattern that flows across the repeat block and completely hides your repeat seams!

Start Learning

Are you ready to dive into the class and see how Art Nouveau era artists built their patterns from sketch to finished pattern?  Learn how to get started below.

Art Nouveau in Pattern

This class is only for members of The Studio where you’ll have access to:

  • 50+ classes on pattern design, illustration, and selling your art
  • Monthly live drawing sessions and critique sessions with me
  • 500+ Procreate brushes, textures, and resources for creating and selling your art