3 Must-Use Art & Design Trends for 2024

Over the years I’ve discovered more and more how beneficial it is to incorporate trends into my work not just to help me sell more art, but to get my work into the hands of the companies that I want to collaborate with.  Sometimes it’s one trending artwork that gets your foot in the door […]

Placing Pattern Elements vs Drawing Patterns from Scratch

I know I’m not the only one who started out my repeat pattern journey by taking a single element and repeating it on a canvas over and over and saying “Bam!  That’s a repeat”.  Over the years though, my process has improved and gotten more complex to the point that I know exactly how to […]

What is the Best Place to Sell Artwork in 2024?

It is no secret that the online art and design sales landscape is constantly in flux, and like all artists throughout history, we have to stay aware of market changes if we want to keep selling our work.  In this post, I want to give you all a glimpse into some of the changes I’ve […]

Do Repeat Blocks for Pattern Design Have to Be Square?

Today I wanted to answer a question that many repeat pattern-lovers have asked me over the years – do repeat blocks for pattern design have to be square?  If you love designing patterns you probably know that after designing hundreds of repeats you may get a little tired of working on a square canvas, and […]

How to Sell Art Prints

Selling your illustrations or hand lettering as art prints seems simple as a concept, but as many artists and designers have discovered after digging into the process, there are a plethora of decisions to make along the way that stop us from ever getting to that “art for sale in a shop” stage.  What size […]

Q: Do You Really Make Money From Your Art? A: Yes, here is how.

One question I’m always surprised to see in my inbox and DMs is “Do you really make money from your art?”.  I know there are a lot of nay-sayers out there who believe that it’s nearly impossible to make a living from your art, but I also know that with the right mindset and strategy, […]

The Less Saturated Version of Print-on-Demand

A lot of us have noticed lately that print-on-demand is not what it used to be!  I started out selling my patterns on print-on-demand sites in 2016 before everyone and their cousin had a shop, so I’ve witnessed the landscape change significantly over the years.   I talk more about this journey on this post in […]

3 Easy Steps to Draw Any Animal

I spent far too long avoiding incorporating animals into my work because I worried I would do it “wrong”.  Then once I started putting them into my work, they quickly became my bestsellers and most-commented-on products in my portfolio.  Why did I avoid drawing animals for so long? If you’re like me, you may have […]

Design Your Animal Illustration Style Class

Learn not just how to draw animals but also how to illustrate them in a style that fits the products, market, and overall feeling you want your work to have. The Process  If you’ve tried drawing animals before and feel like you’re missing something, you aren’t alone!  I struggled with drawing animals for a long […]

5 Paths to Surface Design

I am a firm believer that there is no “one way” to get into surface design, because I’ve interviewed so many artists over the last few years inside The Studio and they all have taken completely different paths to achieve their surface design dreams.  I myself stumbled into surface design by accident through sharing my […]

How Bad SEO Is Ruining Good Artists

I’ve been doing this job of making art and teaching others how to do it too for over 5 years, and during that time countless creatives have sent me their print-on-demand shops and licensing portfolios along with the question, “What is wrong with my art?”.  These creatives are often on the brink of giving up […]

Trending Artwork with SEO Class

Learn how to create trending artwork that gets you noticed by buyers and licensors. the project In this class we’ll design a collection of illustrations or patterns together that all center around a trending theme.  We’ll talk about how to pack your collection with seo so you don’t have to worry about whether or not […]