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What is the Best iPad App for Making Repeat Patterns?

What is the Best iPad App for Making Repeat Patterns?

I get this question almost every day, so I know many of you are wondering — What is the best app for surface design/pattern design/repeat patterns? The thing is, it depends a lot on your goals, the way you like to work, and what file 

Plant Illustrations in Procreate

Plant Illustrations in Procreate

Adding a plant here and there in your drawings helps give a flat image variation and movement, and adds a pop of natural color into an otherwise lifeless drawing! In my new class, you’ll learn how to create plant illustrations in Procreate so you can 

2021 Illustration & Lettering Trends

2021 Illustration & Lettering Trends

If you watch my classes you know I’m all about finding your personal style and sticking to it, BUT it’s also important to be aware of design trends if your goal is to sell your work or build your following to gain exposure for your work.

I compiled some of my favorite illustration trends that are popping up in this year. If you’re in need of some ideas for keeping your work on trend (aka marketable to buyers and followers), then check out these illustration trends that you can start incorporating into your work now!

Spoiler: The 70’s and 90’s are back! Sorry if you hated those decades.

Messy Lettering

Messy, funky, playful, and illustration filled lettering is being shared all over social media, product design, and fashion. Maybe it’s because funky 70’s fashion and colors are seeping their way into our consciousness, or maybe it’s because hand lettering often has such a close relation to typography and letterers are trying to break away from that.

Or maybe it’s because we’ve all spent too much time indoors this year and are LOOSING IT so we just can’t write straight anymore. Either way, incorporating some of this looseness into your work can help you start tapping into this growing trend.

Want to try out this letter style?

I made a set of practice sheets to help you get started with incorporating some funky, messy letters into your work.

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Plants & Greenery

I think this trend is another symptom of how much time we’ve all spent indoors this year. We are craving nature in our homes, especially those of us who live in cities without much access to outdoor spaces.

You can add your greenery into illustrations in the expected places like potted plants and gardens, but you can also pop plants into just about any vessel! A bouquet in a coffee cup? Why not?

Dwelling Spaces

We’ve all spent a lot more time getting to know the indoors this year and I know I can’t be the only one who spent a lot of that time doing home improvement projects. We’ve all had to learn to love “home” this year and I think it’s caused a bit of an obsession with cute houses/architecture in illustration.

You can draw from your own home as inspiration, or live vicariously through someone in some far off country that you want to travel to. I traveled to Greece a few years ago and have not been able to get the curved, stucco filled architecture out of my mind!


Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone is moving to Bali? The beach life/tropical plants are always a popular illustration topic, but they seem to be making a huge comeback this year as we all dream of waking up on some tropical beach somewhere.

You can incorporate this theme into your illustrations in a small way by adding in some fruit trees or tropical plants, or by placing your figures in a jungle or on a beach.


Bold statements (political, social, religious, etc.) and advice are making a huge mark on the Instagram landscape this year. You don’t have to be a genius to share your advice though! Just share your own experience with whatever it is you know about, and tell a story with your work. People love hearing the story behind and artists work, so give the people what they want and share a bit about yourself on your social channels.

The 90’s is Coming!

The 90’s is coming back in fashion, colors, waistlines, and illustration too. That means bold colors, chunky letters, and lots of hair gel. I think towards the end of 2021 we’ll be deep into a 90s “regression”, so I’m already starting to come up with 90’s palettes…

11 Ways to Share Your Procreate Art on Instagram

11 Ways to Share Your Procreate Art on Instagram

I created a freebie for you!  If you get tired of always scrambling to create new artwork so you have something to share on your Instagram feed, I’m here to tell you that there are (at least) 11 ways to share a single piece of 

Drawing in Perspective

Drawing in Perspective

Do you tend to draw everything in 2D and wish you could start incorporating objects in perspective into your work? I created a class to show you everything you need to know to start drawing in perspective! In the class we’ll cover one, two, and 

Design a Hand Lettered Font on Your iPad

Design a Hand Lettered Font on Your iPad

So many people have asked me how I create my fonts for my classes and Creative Market shop, so I decided to finally create a tutorial to show the full process!

In this class you’ll learn all the steps to design a font on your iPad in Procreate.  I create fonts on my iPad and sell them on Creative Market to make a little extra passive income, and I wanted to show you my whole process from start to finish so you can start creating fonts for personal or commercial use.

First we’ll plan our font using vintage lettering inspiration and then test out some letter styles before diving in and designing the whole letter set.  I’ll show you some of the fonts I’ve made as an example, so you can use my fonts as inspiration to create your own or you could come up with your whole own font style.

Next we’ll draw each letter by hand in Procreate so you can create a font with a handmade feel and even include texture, outlines, and other decorative elements.  Then we’ll piece the font together and tweak the spacing and sizing of each letter combination.  

Last I’ll show you how I list the font for sale in my Creative Market shop so you can decide if selling fonts is right for you.  I’ll show you my process for creating images to display your font so you can market your font to the target audience that matches your style.

The amazing thing about this process is you can create beautiful fonts with a handmade feel all on your iPad without needing any other equipment.  Hand lettering is so popular right now, but a lot of people just don’t have time to learn how to hand letter, which is why creating fonts with a handmade feel is such a marketable way to use your love of lettering to share your work with the world and make a little extra income!

All you need to take this class is your iPad and a stylus.  We’ll be using the apps Procreate and iFont Maker to build the fonts, so those are the only paid apps you’ll need for this process.  I’ll be using the Apple Pencil, but you could use any stylus, or even your finger.  Let’s get started!

Not ready to watch the class yet? Hover on the image below to pin it for later:

Free 2020-2021 Dated Digital Planner

Free 2020-2021 Dated Digital Planner

I’m so excited to finally share with you my most extensive and customizable free digital planner yet!   To design the planner, I started by sending out a survey to find out what kinds of digital planner elements you all love. Then I combined all of 

Want to Help me Design my 2021 Free Planner?

Want to Help me Design my 2021 Free Planner?

I’m getting ready to design my 2021 dated planner that I’ll give away as a free download and would love your help! I want to know what kind of sections you like, what kind of layout you prefer, and a few other planner details so 

Combining Lettering and Illustration in Procreate

Combining Lettering and Illustration in Procreate


In this class you’ll learn all the steps for combining lettering and illustration to create compositions that both tell a story and are visually interesting!

When you watch the class you’ll get all of my lettering brushes, plus a workbook with lots of ideas for letter styles, color palettes, and illustration topics.  I’ll share with you my library of hundreds of vintage hand lettering images, so you’ll have no shortage of inspiration for letter styles.


First we’ll create a letter style menu where you can compile all of your favorite letter styles and get some practice with fitting words into various shapes and angles.


Next we’ll create an illustration of a letter and envelope with a hand lettered message to yourself or someone else.  We’ll look at easy ways to fit your lettering into specific shapes and ways to make your lettering fit the style of your illustration.


Last we’ll use a product as the canvas for a hand lettered message and combine several different letter styles into one composition.  We’ll look at how to combine multiple letter styles so that they work well together and stand out on the canvas.


At the end of the class I’ll invite you to join me in a drawing challenge where you can share your hand lettered illustrations with me and everyone else in the challenge.


I think a lot of artists and designers get into lettering because they want to be able to tell stories with their work, and that is what I love about this process.  It allows you to have fun with drawing and illustration while also sharing an interesting message with your audience!

All you need to take this class is your iPad and a stylus or the digital drawing program of your choice.  You could also just use paper and pencil or paint on canvas! 

Not ready to watch it now? Hover on this pin to save it for later:

Apply to be my Marketing/Design Assistant

Apply to be my Marketing/Design Assistant

**This position has been filled. Thank you to everyone who applied!** I have been so fortunate to find more work than I can handle, and I truly need some help!  I’m looking for someone who could work about 6-10 hours per week starting out, and