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Best Apple Pencil Grips, iPad Cases, and Desk for iPad Drawing

I just made some major changes to my workspace, so I thought it would be a great time to share all of my favorite pencil grips, cases, and drawing desk tips! Want to hear all of this in video form? Watch the video here:

I spend so many hours drawing on my iPad that I truly know the wrist and neck pains that can come from drawing in one position for too long. The best way to avoid getting these aches and pains is to change up your drawing position as often as possible. I’ve been REALLY bad at doing this in the past, so this year I am making the ergonomics of my workspace a priority!

The first thing I like to change often is my pencil grips. If my hand is always gripping the pencil in the exact same way, it eventually leads to some hand cramps or wrist pain, so these days I change out my pencil grips every week or so to force myself to use different hand positions. Here are my favorites:

The first one is a set of grips that flare out at the base. I love these because they let you open up your fingers a little bit, so you aren’t gripping such a tiny bar so tightly. The only downside I’ve noticed is that if you press down firmly on the screen, the grip can start to slide a bit, so I usually use these when I’m doing texturing or shading that doesn’t require lots of pressure.

I also love these “full body” grips that double as holders for the charging cap, so that pesky little rascal doesn’t hide from you (like mine always does). This one is probably my all time favorite because it stays in place like a rubber glove covered in super glue, but I wish it had a little bit more thickness at the base. Am I too picky???

I love this grip for times when I need to press down firmly on the screen (like when I’m creating really smooth lettering for example). The grip portion is a bit rough, so I can’t use this little guy all day, but I love it for short periods when I need a lot of stability.

I’ve tried at least five different iPad cases, and none of them stayed in place as well as this one. The magnets that hold the tilt in place are super strong, so even MY wild drawing can’t knock down the iPad. Also, the part that attaches to the iPad is made of rubber, unlike the cheaper ones I bought which were made of plastic and snapped within the first few uses.

My favorite purchase that I made this year is my adjustable desk frame. I got the idea to buy this desk from one of my favorite hand lettering teachers, Teela Cunningham. The desk is just a base, so you have to have your own desktop to attach, but it fits standard desktops so I just dismantled my old desk and attached it to the legs.

Here is the iPad I use:

and here is the Apple Pencil I use:

Of course you don’t need the exact products I showed in this post, but it is important to switch up your drawing position as often as possible so you don’t end up with neck pain in your 80s that is so bad that you are cursing your younger self for being so irresponsible!

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