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Society6 for iPad Artists and Designers

I have loved the concept of print on demand since I first heard the term in 2013. It took me a few years to actually start my own shop, but I looked on with jealousy as so many amazing artists and designers grew their shops on Spoonflower, Society6, and RedBubble.

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Folk Art Style Illustration on Your iPad in Procreate

I’ve gotten so many wonderful messages from iPad artists/designers around the world who love doing print on demand projects, but struggle to come up with ideas for images. So in my newest class I decided to center all the projects around print-on-demand friendly projects! In the class, I’ll show you

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My 9 Principals of Creativity

So many people ask me about my creative process, especially dealing with doubt and finding a creative style.  So I thought it was time to write a bit about my thoughts on the creative process.  For the next 9 days I’ll be posting my 9 principals of creativity on Instagram. 

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Quote Yourself: Your Words Are Powerful Tools

Looking for ways to make your lettering/designs/artwork stand out online? Think about all the gorgeous quotes you see out there in the world and all the amazing artists, designers, and letterers producing incredible work.  What is one thing that none of them have?  Your words. Your words are something that

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Digital Planner Contest Winner + 19 Inspiring Entries

There were 19 beautiful entries for the digital planner contest, and each one was truly a work of art.  Each artist/designer who entered had to create multiple layouts and pages for this contest, so they all deserve a round of applause for completing this huge project! And the winner is….Patricia

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Free Gray Digital Planner + 64 Stickers

I got a ton of great feedback from my last free planner, but the one complaint I got several times was “Does it have to be….so….pink?”.  I hear you!  I go through pink phases, then I go through “I never want to see pink again” phases.  So by request, I

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