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Ink & Watercolor Botanicals on Your iPad in Procreate

Do you love drawing botanicals as much as I do?  If so, you will love this class!  I’ll show you how to draw freehand, and how to trace images to create gorgeous botanical drawings.  We’ll cover methods for adding definition and shading, plus look at some easy ways to collage botanical elements.

I’ll show you my favorite ways to create illustrations including drawing from memory, as well as tracing pictures you find online or take yourself.  Tracing is a great way to loosen up when you’re not sure what to draw, or don’t feel confident with your drawing skills!

In the class I cover:

  • how to create freehand drawings and add shadow and depth to your lines.
  • how to trace a photograph of a plant to create an ink illustration.
  • how to find images that are free for personal and commercial use.
  • how to paint watercolors in Procreate.

I’ll show you how to decorate a quote, by combining a traced monstera leaf with some multi-colored watercolor painting.

Then we’ll look at how to combine multiple botanical elements in a menagerie around a quote.  These are great for making Instagram or Facebook posts, or for making some DIY wall art for your studio!

Ready to take this class?  Go to the class to get started. See you there!

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