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Bullet Journaling | 4 Free Templates for iPad Bullet Journaling

I have become obsessed with bullet journaling on my iPad!  I make to-do lists, sketches and notes, and even free writing in Procreate.  I wanted to share a few free templates to go along with my newest Skillshare class on bullet journaling in Procreate.  Check out the class here, and download the free templates below.

These are the templates I wished I had when I started bullet journaling on my iPad:

A sheet of banners and borders you can use to underline text, highlight titles, and separate sections

A sheet of boxes you can use to build lists and separate sketches from text.

A grid paper and a dot paper.

If you take the class, you also get my watercolor brushes and texture paper so you can add some watercolor texture to your journal. If you just want the template though, you can download them here.

I would love to see YOUR digital bullet journal! Tag me on Instagram @lizkohlerbrown to share your journal layout!