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Combining Lettering and Illustration in Procreate


In this class you’ll learn all the steps for combining lettering and illustration to create compositions that both tell a story and are visually interesting!

When you watch the class you’ll get all of my lettering brushes, plus a workbook with lots of ideas for letter styles, color palettes, and illustration topics.  I’ll share with you my library of hundreds of vintage hand lettering images, so you’ll have no shortage of inspiration for letter styles.


First we’ll create a letter style menu where you can compile all of your favorite letter styles and get some practice with fitting words into various shapes and angles.


Next we’ll create an illustration of a letter and envelope with a hand lettered message to yourself or someone else.  We’ll look at easy ways to fit your lettering into specific shapes and ways to make your lettering fit the style of your illustration.


Last we’ll use a product as the canvas for a hand lettered message and combine several different letter styles into one composition.  We’ll look at how to combine multiple letter styles so that they work well together and stand out on the canvas.


At the end of the class I’ll invite you to join me in a drawing challenge where you can share your hand lettered illustrations with me and everyone else in the challenge.


I think a lot of artists and designers get into lettering because they want to be able to tell stories with their work, and that is what I love about this process.  It allows you to have fun with drawing and illustration while also sharing an interesting message with your audience!

All you need to take this class is your iPad and a stylus or the digital drawing program of your choice.  You could also just use paper and pencil or paint on canvas! 

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