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Create a Seamless Animal Print or Spot Procreate Brush

Did you know how easy it is to create a seamless brush in Procreate?  You can quickly design some seamless brushes (like animal print in this example!) and use them on your own artwork, or sell them on a site like Etsy or Creative Market.  

Watch the Tutorial

If you’re a see it on “paper” person, keep reading below.  Otherwise, check out this quick video tutorial in my new iPad Art Break Series on Youtube:

The Steps

Once you learn this process, you can literally make a whole Procreate brushset in a matter of minutes.  Let’s dive into the steps! (or watch the video above for more detail!)

1. Brainstorm some animal ideas.  I came up with a few for you:

  • zebra
  • snake
  • cheetah
  • leopard
  • jaguar
  • dalmation
  • hyena
  • salamander
  • tiger
  • fish
  • eel
  • birds

2. Create a square (I use 3000 x 3000 pixel) canvas, get a reference image showing the spots or stripes for the animal you chose, then use your favorite brush to make the marks on the canvas.

I’m using the Rough Inking brush from my Everything Bagel Brushset which you can get free here.

Note that it’s important not to touch the edges of the canvas with any marks at this stage!

3. Merge your black (yes it must be pure black!) layer with a white layer behind it.  Basically it’s like you have a white piece of paper with some lines on it, all on one layer.  Then duplicate that layer three times so you have four layers total.

4. Tap the move tool, turn on Snapping in the settings at the bottom of the screen, then move each layer to the corner of the canvas (one top left, one top right, one bottom left, and one bottom right).

5. On a new layer above everything else, fill in all the gaps, still being sure not to touch the edge of the canvas with any new marks.

6. Save your black and white image as a JPEG to your camera roll, then duplicate a seamless brush (this is where my Everything Bagel set comes in handy because I’m giving you a seamless brush that you can duplicate and edit!).

Tap the brush to open the brush settings, tap Grain, then import your JPEG image into the grain.

7. Optionally you can use the Scale slider on the Grain settings page to adjust the scale of your spots/stripes.  You may not need to do this now, but once you test your brush you’ll likely want to play with this setting to make some adjustments.

8. That’s it!  Drag your brush over an animal like this cute cheetah I drew (on a Clipping Mask layer) to quickly have your animal covered with spots or stripes.

How to Draw Animals

Want to learn how I draw my animals?  I have a whole class on that!

Animal Illustrations in Procreate

  • Learn how to draw any animal from scratch
  • Understand animal styles for various markets like kids clothes, wallpaper, or children’s books