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Create an Illustration Series: From Inspiration to Print

In this class, you’ll learn how to plan and create an illustration series from start to finish.  Creating a series is the perfect way to develop a cohesive body of work that shows your unique style to the world in a professional format.  In the class, I’ll be creating my series on my iPad in Procreate, but you could create your series using paper, canvas, or whatever medium you like to use.

If you want to create a series, but aren’t sure where to start or you get stuck on the planning phases, this is the perfect class for you.  I’ll show you how to scale your series to fit your skill level and personal time constraints so you can spend anywhere from 20 minutes to 20 hours on each illustration.  I’ll show you my whole process from planning the series to printing out the work and evaluating color options.

When you watch this class, you’ll get all of the Procreate brushes I use to create my illustrations including 4 drawing and painting brushes and 10 texture brushes to add some grit and depth to your work.  You can use the textures to add high contrast grit to your background. Or you can use them to add subtle colored textures, or erase texture from a solid shape.

I’ll share with you some free resources for creating color palettes so that your illustration series has a cohesive palette.  I’ll also give you a huge list of content ideas so if you don’t know what to draw, you can just pull from the list and get started.

First we’ll look at how to plan a series from start to finish.  I’ll show you how I organize my colors, concepts, and style guide, to take all the guesswork out of my design process.  When you work from a series plan, you can be sure to create a cohesive and professional set of illustrations that could be the beginning of a collection or portfolio of work.

Next we’ll look at how to turn a simple line drawing into a textured illustration, and talk about how to develop the concept into a cohesive set of illustrations that work well as a set or individually.

Then we’ll look at some advanced drawing techniques that will help you cut down on drawing time, and create playful, yet accurately proportioned illustrations.  We’ll cover a few different ways to use the line drawings in finished illustrations, so you can find a set of colors and textures that work for your personal style.

If you feel like your style is all over the place, or that you don’t have a cohesive body of work to present online, then creating an illustration series is exactly what you need to start focusing your work.  In the class, you’ll learn every part of the process, so you can jump right in and create your own series!