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Design Your Animal Illustration Style Class

Learn not just how to draw animals but also how to illustrate them in a style that fits the products, market, and overall feeling you want your work to have.

The Process

 If you’ve tried drawing animals before and feel like you’re missing something, you aren’t alone!  I struggled with drawing animals for a long time until I developed a quick and easy process that makes capturing playful poses easy.

The Project

In this class we’ll talk about quick methods for learning to draw animals with personality, then dive into how you can define an animal illustration style so you can create cohesive artwork that sells.

Animals Give Personality

If you are having trouble getting your work found online, consider this:

Animals give your artwork BOTH personality and searchability, so your work can get found by more buyers and licensors.

Animals Get You Found

I have been selling my artwork online and in person for over a decade, so I can tell you from experience that artwork with animals is easier to sell than plain florals and leaves.  People identify with animals and sense the story behind your work when you create cute interactions using animals.

The Brushes

When you watch the class you’ll get my new animal illustration brushet featuring linework and shaders, fur brushes, and tree and snow stamps, and learn how to make your own animal illustration brushes and stamps.

So how do you watch the class?

This class is only available to members of The Studio, my membership where members get exclusive access to all my classes, Procreate brushes, live sessions, and interviews.

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