If you have trouble downloading resources from my website, here are a few easy fixes that should help:

1. Try a different browser

Often when browsers do updates, there are problems with some websites or downloads until the issue is resolved.  Trying a new browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) may do the trick!

2. Update your device and apps

If you aren’t working with the newest versions of MacOS, Procreate, Affinity, Goodnotes, etc. downloads may not work properly.  Updating all of those should help.

3. Try accessing the downloads through cloud storage

Sometimes apps don’t play nicely with eachother, so switching to a different app may help.  For example, rather than opening Procreate brushes directly in Procreate, first save them to your cloud storage (like Dropbox, Drive, etc.) then open Procreate, tap import, and import the resources from your cloud storage.

4. Try Opening in a New Tab

Rather than just clicking on the download, hold the link to get the pop-up menu and tap Open in a New Tab.  Sometimes this will force the download to save to your device or open in a program more easily!

5. If Dropbox says "The File Cannot be Previewed"

Don’t worry!  This just means that Dropbox can’t show you an image of this resource (like Procreate brushes or a digital planner).  They should still be able to open up in the corresponding app though.

6. Use a Different Email Client

Some email clients will prevent “suspicious” downloads so sites like Dropbox will be banned.  You may get a “page broken” or “page not available” type message, but it is the spam scanner preventing you from getting the download.  So switching to a different email client (like forwarding the email to your Gmail or Hotmail for example) can help in most cases!

7. Try Importing Directly From Procreate

Rather than opening Procreate brushsets via a browser or email, save the file to your cloud storage (like Dropbox or Drive), then open Procreate, go to the brush menu, tap the + symbol, then tap Import to import the file from your cloud storage.

8. Try Pasting the Download Link in a Browser

Often the problem is that the email provider is refusing the download (if you’re accessing the downloads via an email I sent you) so if you tap and hold (on the iPad) or right click (on a Mac) to get the Copy Link option, you can copy and then paste that link into a web browser like Chrome or Safari to go directly to the download.

9. If you can't open Affinity assets

Try this method to open Affinity Assets: 

1. Save the assets to your cloud storage

2. Open Affinity and open any document

3. Go to the assets menu and tap the hamburger menu to see the Import Assets option

4. Import the assets from your cloud storage

10. Contact Me

If you’ve tried all of these steps and are still having trouble getting the downloads, feel free to email me at help@lizkohlerbrown.com with some screenshots or a video of the problem and I would be happy to take a look!