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Easy Block Lettering Tutorial

Block lettering is a super fun and easy style to use when you need to loosen up for a drawing session or want to share a message with your audience in a playful way.

You can use any short word or phrase for this tutorial, so grab your favorite drawing tools and join me below.

1) Create a quick sketch of your words. I recommend starting with a short 2-3 word phrase.

2) Draw a big ‘ol blob on the layer under your sketch.

3) Start carving out little bits (as little as possible) to create the letter shapes. The less you remove, the more “block-like” it will look! Keep it loose and messy ’cause we’re tracing over this folks!

4) Make that layer semi-transparent and start tracing over it to create smoother letters (or keep them super sharp, it’s up to you!).

5) Add a background and some color. You could also add some texture or other illustrated elements!

6) Repeat the process with different phrases to help improve your block lettering.

7) Share your block lettering online and tag me @LizKohlerBrown so I can see it!

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