Free 2020-2021 Dated Digital Planner

Free 2020-2021 Dated Digital Planner

I’m so excited to finally share with you my most extensive and customizable free digital planner yet!  

To design the planner, I started by sending out a survey to find out what kinds of digital planner elements you all love. Then I combined all of that data to create my new super-customizable planner.

This planner is like a blank slate that you can customize to fit your personal style with colors and custom sections.  It comes with lots of color and template choices, so you can play around with options throughout the year.

Read more about it below or watch the full planner tour and tutorial:

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The planner starts out as a black and white framework that you can customize using the stickers section.  

There are 6 color schemes, so you can choose the colors (or lack thereof) that you like to use.

The sections include yearly, monthly, and weekly views, plus other much requested sections like year-at-a-glance and trackers.

There are 18 sticker sections total, and each section fits into multiple areas throughout the planner, so you can mix and max sections and colors to your heart’s content.

Here are some of the sticker sections that you can copy and paste around the planner to customize the pages.

You can customize each page with the colors and layout that work for your personal style, so whether you’re a black and white minimalist or a pink planner lover, you can tailor the pages to your taste!

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I asked a few digital planner lovers to take the planner for a spin.  Check out some of the pages they created!

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