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Free November 2019 – 2020 Digital Planner with Customizable Sections and Buttons

If you follow my blog or classes, you know I love using digital planners to stay organized. I’m such a picky planner though, I can never seem to find a planner that fits all my needs as a blogger, teacher, designer, and overall organization obsessed person. Luckily there are a lot of iPad apps that make it easy to design a digital planner, so I’m always working on a new design and layout for my next planner.

This year I created a dated (my first dated planner!) 2020 planner with tons of customizable sections. I also added in December 2019 in case you want to get started with the planner right away (swipe left on the January page to see December 2019). I created a tour of the planner and show how to use all the buttons and customizable sections in this video:

I made this planner using the process shown in my new class on creating a digital planner with vectors in Affinity Designer. If you want to create your own planner, check out the class!

The planner has a simple, minimalist style, but has a lot of stickers and customizable sections that you can use to add whatever colors and shapes fit your personal style!

The planner has lots of buttons at the top of the page that help you navigate to the month views, planner sections, stickers, and customizable sections that you can make your own:

The buttons on the left link to each month of the year, and the ones on the right link to these sections:

I also created a section for the hex codes in the planner so you can add them to your custom colors in Goodnotes if you want to write in the colors of the planner palette.

The planner has all the usual sections, like yearly, monthly, and weekly views:

See the blank sections on the planner pages above? I left those blank so you can use the huge set of customizable stickers and lined sections to make the planner exactly how you want it to be:

The customizable sections range from colored stickers and lined bullet lists to goal trackers and monthly calendars!

Not sure how to use a digital planner? Check out the video above to see all the steps.

Download the Goodnotes Version of the Planner

Download the Notability Version of the Planner*

Download the PDF Version of the Planner

Download the PNG Version of the Sticker Pages (only necessary for the PDF Version)

Download the Sencillo Font

*Because of the way Notability crops stickers, I wasn’t able to insert each sticker individually on the Notability version of this planner. So you have to use the scissor selection tool to crop some stickers.

**If you have trouble downloading any of these files, check out the troubleshooting suggestions here.