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Free 2022 Dated Digital Planner + 3 Color Options

If you used my 2021 dated planner, you’ll recognize this design!  It is essentially the same layout with one obvious difference — the dates are for 2022.  But I’ve also added color options since so many of you requested specific colors last year.  Hopefully I’ve covered some of your favorites this time around!

I created three different color palettes so you can choose the stickers and text that work for your personal style.  Or you can keep it super minimalist and stick with the black and white template.

If you aren’t sure how to add stickers and colored text to the planner, check out the video below to see the basics.

What's in the Planner?

The planner has all the standard sections – yearly, monthly, weekly, etc. but also contains 15 customizable sections that you can use as trackers, goal setting sheets, meal planners, or whatever your plannin’ heart’s desire!

In the video I’ll show you everything you need to know to use the planner, and some Goodnotes tips like how to save pen colors that will work well with the planner palettes.

Watch the Video

Get the Planner

Want to Design Your Own Planner?

In my class on designing digital planners I teach my whole process from start to finish so you can make your own planners for personal or commercial use.

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