Free Download – Digital Planner Fruit Stickers

I made some tropical watercolor fruit planner stickers that I wanted to share with you as a free download.

I love painting simple watercolor illustrations on my iPad.  It’s the perfect way to doodle and loosen up, without worrying about creating a final product.  If you want to give it a try, check out my newest class on painting tropical watercolor fruit on your iPad.

When you take the classes, you get all of my watercolor brushes and texture paper as a free download.  Not ready to paint your own watercolors?  No problem, you can use my stickers!

If you’re not sure how to use them, check out the video here:

Download the Fruit Stickers

If you want to start designing your own planner stickers check out my new classes on digital planning and bullet journaling:

If you are ready to start designing your own planner and have already done some drawing in Procreate, you can go straight to the advanced class where I cover every step of creating a digital planner from start to finish:

Not ready to create your own planner?  No problem, just use mine!  I created a digital planner that I want to share with you as a free download below.

There are clickable links throughout the planner, and it comes with 7 sections:



Download the Planner

Happy Planning!

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