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Free Gray Digital Planner + 64 Stickers

I got a ton of great feedback from my last free planner, but the one complaint I got several times was “Does it have to be….so….pink?”.  I hear you!  I go through pink phases, then I go through “I never want to see pink again” phases.  So by request, I created my newest digital planner in a more neural-color-friendly way.

The planner includes a goal tracker for 3 different daily goals, plus 64 pre-cropped stickers that you can use to mark your calendar, tracker, and notes throughout the planner.  I made one page of pre-cropped stickers, but I have a ton more planned which I’ll give away as inserts that match the planner design.  So make sure you’re on my mailing list if you want to get those in your inbox!

Check out all the sections here, and pick up the free download below:

I show my whole process for making this planner from start to finish in my Skillshare class on designing a digital planner on your iPad.  Check out the class if you want to make your own!

I cover all the steps for using the planner in this quick tutorial, so check it out if you’re not sure how to download it, use the pens, or put stickers on the pages:

I hope you like the planner, and I’d love to see how you fill out the pages! Tag me @lizkohlerbrown on Instagram or Facebook to share your planner spread.

Download the Planner (for Goodnotes)

Download the Planner (for PDFs for Notability or other apps)

Download the Stickers Page (if you’re using the PDF)

*Note: If you have trouble downloading the planner, check out the video tutorial above to see all the steps! If that doesn’t work, check out the troubleshooting suggestions here.