Free Hand Lettered Watercolor Digital Planner Stickers

I love adding a bit of color to my digital planner.  It helps important notes stand out, but also just makes it more fun to use my planner!  I made 3 different color versions of all the reminder and goal related words I could think of:

  • remember
  • goal
  • party
  • vacation
  • crushed it
  • killed it
  • done
  • milestone
  • anniversary
  • birthday
  • holiday

You can get the stickers as a free download + learn how to use them below.  If you’re not sure how to use the stickers, check out this quick tutorial:

You can pick up the planner I use in this video as a free download here.

I created these hand lettered watercolor planner stickers using the process from my class on creating watercolor hand lettering in Procreate.  In the class I share my free watercolor brushes and texture paper + show you every step of my process from start to finish.  Check out the class if you want to learn how:

Not ready to make your own?  No problem, you can pick up my stickers here:

Download the Stickers

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