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Free Minimalist Digital Bullet Journal + 64 Stickers

While I love planners with an interesting border or background (like my last free planner here) sometimes I just need to simplify my life with some minimalist bullet journaling. My new planner has simple bullet points and an open layout that is easy to customize with the colors and stickers that fit your personal style.

In this quick tutorial I cover some tips for downloading and using the planner + some tips about Goodnotes 5 that make it easy to bookmark important locations. Check out the video here:

The planner includes 6 sections. A yearly page that links to each month of the year:

A monthly page with a few bullet points for each day:

A weekly spread with bullets for each day + a notes section:

A lined paper section for notes:

A blank paper section for lists, sketches, etc.

A goals section for keeping track of daily or monthly goals:

And a sticker page with 64 stickers:

I show my whole process for making this planner from start to finish in my Skillshare class on designing a digital planner on your iPad.  Check out the class if you want to make your own!

Remember to check the video tutorial above if you have any trouble downloading or using the planner!

Download the Minimalist Bullet Journal for Goodnotes


Download the Version for Notability*

*If you want to use the stickers too download this PNG file and place it on the sticker page after you download the PDF for Notability.