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Free Snowflake Digital Planner Sticker Set

I love adding some winter holiday flair to my digital planner, and wanted to share my favorite snowflake stickers with you as a free download.  I created two versions — one solid color set and one glitter set.  Click the links below to download the stickers!

I made the stickers using the process from my class on Winter Holiday Illustrations in Procreate.  You can learn my full process, plus get all of my Procreate holiday stamps and textures when you watch the class. 

If you’re not sure how to use digital planner stickers, check out this quick tutorial where I show how I use stickers in my planner:

You can pick up the planner I use in this video as a free download here.

I hope you like the stickers, and I would love to see what you do with them in your planner!  You can tag me on Instagram or Facebook @lizkohlerbrown or send me an email here.  Happy Planning!

Download the Solid Color Snowflake Stickers

Download the Glitter Snowflake Stickers