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Gouache Techniques In Procreate Class

Learn how to create realistic gouache style illustrations using a variety of brushes and layering techniques.

The Brushes

When you watch the class, you’ll get my set of 24 gouache brushes that includes a wide variety of gouache textures, various levels of transparency, and some hue shifter brushes that change their hue and brightness depending on how hard you press down your Apple Pencil.

The Projects

Each project in this class is designed to help you get to know the brushes and develop your gouache style.  In this first project, we’ll play around with various layering effects so you can decide what style you want to use for the next project — a gouache pattern.

sketch to pattern

We’ll create a gouache pattern from sketch to finished pattern using gouache layering and a loose painterly style.  Then we’ll create the repeat in both Procreate and Affinity so you can see the pros and cons of each repeat process.

Gouache Cards

Last we’ll go through the whole process for designing a gouache greeting card, so you’ll leave this class with a finished design that you can add to your print-on-demand shops to licensing portfolio.

I used the gouache brushset to design my new greeting card collection that will be sold through my Etsy Shop and art licensing partners!

6 techniques

I couldn’t stop at just showing you three projects that you could create with these brushes!  I made a workbook with artwork examples detailing 6 of my favorite ways to use the brushes, with step-by-step instructions for each style.

So How Do You Watch the Class?

  • This class is only available to members of The Studio, my membership where members get exclusive access to all my classes, Procreate brushes, live sessions, and interviews.