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How Artists and Designers Can Grow Their Following with Instagram Reels

I know that when you first start sharing your art online it can feel like you will never be able to grow your online following, so I want to share with you a super easy trick you can use to get more followers quickly — focus on the new features! That means when a social media platform comes out with a new feature, you should be the first to start using it, because that is your best chance of competing with all the people out there who already have a huge following.

Why Are New Features (like Instagram Reels) So Great at Reaching New Followers?

Think about it this way: You are a big social media company who just released a new feature and (of course) you want your users to use it. So what could you do to make them start using this new feature…..Ohh I know! Give them lots of views and follows! That means that Instagram is showing Reels not only to a large number of your followers, but they’re also displaying Reels to non-followers, so newbies have a better chance of reaching new people with their Reels.

Not sure what a reel is? Check out this reel where I’ll help get you started.

Reels Are a (Time-Sensitive) Way to Grow Your Following

I know some of you are thinking, “Ugh, not ANOTHER social media feature to learn!”. I know I felt the same way when Reels first came out, but here is the thing — since Reels came out recently, they are a great way to reach new people, but it won’t be that way forever so it’s important to jump on the trend while it still exists!

Let’s Look at Some Data…

I’m pretty stoked if my Instagram stories get 1-2K views. I have about 20K followers, so that means about 10% of my followers are actually seeing my stories.

Some of my Reels are seeing more than 10K views, which is a huge improvement from 10%! One even has more than 20K, which means a lot of people who don’t follow me are viewing my reels.

Join Me in a Reels Challenge

If you need some ideas and tips for getting started with reels, check out my Reels Challenge:

Challenge Prompt #2: Share a Tip for Beginners

Challenge Prompt #3: Show What You’re Working On

Let Me See Your Reels!

If this post inspires you to create a Reel, tag me @LizKohlerBrown so I can see it and cheer you on!

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