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How to Create Modern Watercolor Florals + 3 Free Watercolor Brushes for Procreate

Creating realistic watercolor effects in Procreate is so easy when you have the right brushes and techniques to make it happen.  I wanted to share some of my new watercolor brushes with you, and show you a quick tutorial for how to create gorgeous watercolor florals in a few minutes!

These florals look like hours went into making them look realistic, but the truth is that with the right brushes, anyone can quickly create this effect.  Check out the steps and pick up the free watercolor brushes below!

The Process

1. Sketch Loose Floral Shapes: Emphasis on LOOSE guys!  Try this — don’t pick up your pencil until you finish a flower shape.  Bonus points if you don’t pick up your pencil the entire time you sketch!

2. Use the masking brush to mask out chunky, loose shapes.  Put each color on a new layer, so if you’re doing leaves in between like I did, make sure to put those leaves on a new layer!

3. Select the masking layer (by tapping on the layer and tapping Select), make it invisible, then paint with the watercolor wash brush on a new layer.

4. Use the eraser to erase select areas to create a lot of variation on each flower.  Paint a new color on a new layer and erase it to add a multi-colored effect!

5. Add circles in the middle of each flower, then use the eraser to dull the edges of each circle.

6. Try different layouts!  You can use a circle, rectangle, square, or any other shape you can think up!

Get the Brushes