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Ink & Watercolor iPad Illustrations on Your iPad in Procreate

This was by far my favorite class to film.  I love making simple illustrations and coloring them with light watercolor layers.  The effect is a muted illustration with an airy feel that looks just like real watercolor paint on paper.

In this class I go through my favorite ways to create illustrations including drawing from memory, as well as tracing.  Tracing is a great way to loosen up when you’re not sure what to draw, or don’t feel confident with your drawing skills.

In the class I cover:

How to use lightening and darkening effects to create illustrations that look like real watercolor paint on paper.

How to combine colors and shading to create a watercolor look on an ink illustration.

How to create water puddling effects that make your paintings look like real watercolors.

As usual, the artists and designers who have already taken the class are blowing it out of the water with their unique illustrations.  Check out this beautiful pelican illustration by artist and crafter Anna Ritson

She made the image her own with muted colors and layered paints that make this painting look like a real watercolor on paper!

In this class I’ll show you how to turn a picture into an ink illustration, and how to color over it with my watercolor brushes.

Ready to take this class?  Go to the class page to get started. See you there!