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Ink Illustration Techniques in Procreate

In this class, you’ll learn three different ways to use ink lines and dots to add shadow, highlights, and depth to your work. 

We’ll look at tons of tips and tricks for hatching, crosshatching, and stippling, and talk about how to add bold color to your linework to add variation and contrast that makes your work stand out online and in print.


When you watch this class you’ll get all of the ink brushes I created that make it easy to add varied ink lines and shading to your work.  You’ll also get the hand lettered fonts I created so you can quickly add some hand lettered words to your illustrations. 


I’ll be completing the projects in this class on my iPad in Procreate, but you could do this same process on paper, or a different digital drawing program!

First we’ll create a playful line drawing from start to finish, and look at easy ways to use hatching to define highlights and shadow on the object.


Next we’ll use crosshatching to turn a flat line drawing into a bold illustration with lots of variation, highlights, and shadow.  I’ll show you tips for getting your crosshatching angles and line thickness down, so you don’t end up with an inky mess on the page!


Next we’ll use stippling to add varied shading to a simple line drawing.  I created some stippling brushes that you can use to quickly add stippling to your drawings so you don’t have to place each dot by hand.  


I created a drawing challenge to go along with this class that is designed to help you use your illustrations to share a bit about yourself with your followers.  This is a great way to get new followers and engage your current followers in conversations. So stay tuned to the end of the class to learn about the challenge and join me in sharing your ink drawings online.


All you need to take this class is your iPad and a stylus or some inking pens and paper.  I’ll be using the Apple Pencil and Procreate, but use whatever works best for your personal style.  Let’s get started!

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