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Intricate Paper Cuts with the Cricut Machine + 3 Free Paper Cutting Templates

I’ve been having so much fun creating cards and wall art with my Cricut machine I thought it was time to show my process and share some cutting templates!

You can pick up the templates as a free download and see how I use them in the video tutorials below. I made the templates on my iPad in Procreate and I created a class to show every step of my process.  So if you want to learn how to make your own templates, check out the class!

If you’re ready to get started with intricate cutting on the Cricut machine (or you’ve had some trouble with intricate cuts in the past) check out this video to see all my tips and tricks for getting PERFECT intricate cuts!

I also created a short tutorial to show how I create some of my finished Cricut projects, so if you’d like to get some ideas for how to use your finished cutouts, check out this one: 

Here are the downloads (note: I like to open these in Safari, then click and hold (on iPad) to get the “open in a new tab” window.  Then you should see the download button.)

Download the Elephant

Download the Mandala

Download the Lettering

Here are links to all the materials I mention in the tutorials (Note: some of these are affiliate links, which means I get a small percentage of any sales that take place via the links.  It doesn’t increase the price for the buyer, but it does help me continue creating classes and videos like this one!)

My Cardstock

*I can’t find the other color set called Boutique Floral online, so it may only be available in stores at Michael’s/A.C. Moore. Here is an image of the package:

See My Cutting Mat

See My Paper Cutting Machine:

My paper cutting and scoring tool