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iPad Surface Design

If you’re just getting started with making repeat patterns on your iPad you probably have a ton of questions.  What app should I use?  What file sizes can I work with?  How do you even make a repeat pattern?  I’ll cover all those questions and more in this post!

What is a vector and do you need to use them?

First of all, I make all my patterns in vector format so they can be resized to any size and are set up to be passed on for client work or art licensing.  If you’re thinking, “what the heck is a vector?” check out this post where I go over all the basics.

What is the best app for making repeat patterns on the iPad?

Funny you should ask!  I get this question almost every day, so I created a whole article explaining why I use Affinity Designer to build my patterns.

  • You can work in any file size with no layer limits
  • You can see a live preview of your design while you create it
  • You can work with vectors (which means you can resize your repeat elements an unlimited amount of times to an unlimited size without losing any quality)
  • You can edit your repeat layout as you create it (unlike Procreate where things disappear when they go off the edge of the canvas!).

How is this all possible?  Affinity Designer for iPads.  This program makes it easy to create beautiful seamless repeat patterns in a quick and easy process.


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Vector For Beginners

I recommend starting out by learning all about vectors so you can dive right into making patterns without worrying about the technical aspects of working in vector format.

Pattern Design For Beginners

Once you are ready to start building patterns, check out my surface design class where I cover my whole pattern building process from start to finish.

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Once you’ve created some patterns and are ready to start selling them, you can check out my whole process from finished pattern to successful POD shops in this class.

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