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Metallics on Your iPad in Procreate: Glitter, Sparkle, Shimmer + Free Metallic Textures and Brushes

Adding metallics to your work is a quick and easy way to make it really stand out online. I decided to make a ton of metallics to share with you, and show my techniques for adding some metallics to any composition.

In the class, you’ll learn three ways to use metallic textures on your iPad in Procreate. When you watch the class you’ll get all of my metallic textures and brushes as free downloads.  

The set includes 50 glitter, shimmer, and gold foil textures, and 17 different brushstrokes, sprays, and splatters that we’ll use with the textures. The set includes:

-50 glitter, shimmer, and gold foil textures:

-6 brush strokes for revealing gold texture

-7 splatter brushes

-gold dust, sparkle, and glitter brushes

Get the Brushes Now

I’ll show you how to use the set to create metallic brushstrokes, splatters, and speckles to add eye catching elements to your artwork that make it pop off the page, and cover 3 different techniques for adding metallics to your work.

First we’ll create a shape that we’ll use as a cutout to reveal glitter, gold foil, or gold paint underneath the paper.  I’ll show you some easy ways to adjust the color and shine of your metallics, so you can make adjustments to your work to fit your personal style.

Next we’ll go crazy with abstract acrylic paint and gold.  We’ll use brushstrokes, splatters, scrapes, and sprays to contrast with bright colored acrylic paint.  This is a great way to get to know the process of adding metallics, and a really fun way to loosen up each day before you start a drawing.

We’ll also look at ways to combine watercolor and metallics. These two mediums are complete opposites so they make a beautifully contrasted image when you combine.  I created some smooth liquid watercolor brushes that I’ll show you how to blend and layer to create a beautiful abstract watercolor painting combined with metallics.

Last we’ll create detailed tiles that incorporate metallic paint as an accent.  I’ll show you how I use the tile guide I created to design detailed geometric tiles.  These tiles look incredibly difficult to create, but you’ll see how they are actually quite simple when you use the guide to create your shapes.

All you need to take this class is your iPad and a stylus. I’ll be using the Apple Pencil, but you could use any stylus, or even your finger. Ready to watch the class? If you don’t have a Skillshare membership, you can pick up a free trial here.

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