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Modern Florals on Your iPad in Procreate + 22 Free Stamps and Templates

Modern florals are super easy to make, plus they are easy to use for tons of different projects like greeting cards, lettering projects, seamless repeats, and so much more.  In the class, you’ll learn all my tips and tricks for creating Modern Floral illustrations on your iPad in Procreate.  I’ll show you three different techniques, so you can choose the methods that work best for your personal style. 

When you watch this class, you’ll get all of the brushes and templates I use to create my modern florals, so you don’t have to start from scratch. The set includes 13 stamp brushes and 5 shape templates that I’ll show you how to use to make unique modern floral illustrations.  I’ll also show you how to customize the brushes with colors, lines, and textures to make them your own.

First we’ll use a shape template to create a flower and plant filled silhouette of an object.  I’ll show you how to use my templates and stamps, and how to make your own, so you can add some of your favorite shapes to your illustration and use them over and over in future illustrations.  I’ll also show you a few different ways to decorate and texturize your floral shapes.

Next we’ll create a circular floral bouquet with a bold modern color palette. We’ll use line drawing to show the shapes of each plant, and then apply bold color to each element.  I’ll show you some tricks for creating a balanced composition, and give you a ton of ideas for flower and plant shapes to get you started.

Next we’ll combine ink sketches and bold outlines to create a floral menagerie around a quote.  I’ll show you some easy plant shapes to start with, so even if you’re not comfortable with drawing, you can easily get started with some simple shapes.

Ready to take this class? Go to the class page to get started. See you there!