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Watercolor Leaves on Your iPad in Procreate

Hi everyone, I’ve been planning this class for a long time so I’m glad to finally be able to click publish!  The class is all about how to use Procreate on your iPad to create watercolor leaves that look like real pigment on paper.  Everyone who takes the class, gets my free watercolor brushes for Procreate!

I love painting watercolor leaves on paper, but honestly, I prefer working on my iPad now that I have my techniques down pat.  I wasted so much paper when I used real watercolors because I like to paint quickly and intuitively.  This digital process lets me forget about the paper use so I can focus on color, shapes, and layering.

In the class I cover:

  • three styles for painting leaves including single color, multi-shade, and multi-color techniques.
  • how to construct a wreath with layers of color that look like real watercolor pigment on paper.
  • how to paint a leaf menagerie by bringing together a bunch of different plant shapes and colors.

While I’m happy with what I made in the class, I’m absolutely in love with the images coming in from other artists and designers who have taken the class.  Check out this beautiful branch by surface pattern designer Jozefien Depauw:She clearly mastered the process!  In the class, I show how to create watercolor wreaths, and how to adjust the background so you can choose between a watercolor texture paper, and a white background.

Ready to take this class?  Go to the class page to get started.  If you don’t have a Skillshare membership, you can still watch the class for free and get the free downloadable brushes.  Just sign up for a 2 week free trial to get started.  See you there! Not ready to take the class?  Hover on the image below to pin it for later.