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Podcasts for Creatives | Art Side of Life

This is the third podcast in my list of podcasts for creatives where I list all my favorite podcasts that keep me going throughout the week.  You can find my whole list of Podcasts for Creatives here.

Art Side of Life is a podcast and Youtube channel that features inspiring interviews by digital artist Iva, who digs into the history, work habits, and creative process of digital and traditional artists from around the world.  Some episodes are more creativity focused, while others delve into marketing for artists, and the challenges of getting started with selling your work.

If you’re new to the podcast and interested in surface design, here is a great podcast to start with.  Iva interviews surface designer Erin Dollar about her business and work.  Erin talks about how she got started in surface design and gives some advice for someone thinking about getting into surface design.

I also loved this interview where Iva interviews Marc Allante, a contemporary artist from Hong Kong, known for merging traditional Chinese inks with European painting techniques in a contemporary art that reflects the fusion of his Chinese-French ancestry.  They talk about Marc’s background and how he started selling his work and finding clients.

Have a suggestion for a podcast that should be featured in this series?  Send me a message!

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