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Ribbon Script in Procreate + Free Ribbon Script Brushes

Ribbon script is a classic holiday/winter lettering style that looks difficult to create but is surprisingly quick and easy to pull together!  Combine it with a bit of illustration and you’ve got a beautiful shareable image for social media, your portfolio, or an art print.

I created a quick tutorial + all the brushes and letter style sheets you need to create your own, so let’s get started!

The Downloads

You can pick up the Procreate brushes and workbook as free downloads below the video.

Keep it Simple or Add Illustration

You can create lettering compositions with just words like I did in the examples above, or you can add some illustration to give your composition some eye-catching, playful elements.

Watch the Tutorial

Remember to pick up the downloads below this video if you want to follow along with me!

Get the Downloads

More Lettering Resources

  • I have lots of classes, books, and free resources for learning hand lettering on your iPad.