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Create a Seamless Repeat on your iPad

When I first got my iPad I thought there wasn’t an easy way to make a seamless repeat pattern without using my computer at some point.  Then I discovered this super easy method!  In this class, I’ll show you my whole process + tons of ways to create repeat pattern elements on your iPad.

In the class, I show my entire process for creating repeat pattern element, and cover easy ways to create solid shapes, outlines, and ways to add color to your pattern.

In the class I cover:

  • two methods for creating repeat elements on your iPad including hand drawn illustration and tracing.
  • how to create a basic repeat pattern from start to finish.
  • how to check your repeat pattern to be sure it repeats seamlessly.
  • how to create a half-drop repeat pattern.

I’ll start with a basic repeat pattern using hand drawn repeat elements inspired by Mexican folk art:

Then we’ll create a half drop repeat using some 90s style illustrations in a bold 90’s color palette:

Ready to take this class?  Go to the class page to get started.  If you don’t have a Skillshare membership, you can still watch the class for free and get the free downloadable templates and brushes.  Just sign up for a 2 week free trial to get started.  See you there!