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Nearly every day someone asks me:  What is the best iPad for drawing?  What Apple Pencil works best for drawing?  Here is the thing — whatever you can afford is the best tool for YOU.  I started with the cheapest (refurbished) versions of everything, and have worked my way up over time as my business has grown.  


That being said, starting with the most storage and the newest models can save you from having to upgrade in the future, so if you can afford it, go with the newest model and biggest storage out there. 


In this post I want to share with you some of my favorite studio gear from my iPad drawing tech to my favorite mug, desk, and computer stand.


Tech Gear

Let’s start with the most common question I get in my inbox: What iPad, Apple Pencil, and case do you use?


I just upgraded my iPad and pencil because I needed more storage for video and large design files.  I also dropped a mug on my old one and damaged the screen but that is a wholllle other story.


 One note here: while I did go for the newest model and biggest storage I could get, I started out with a much smaller iPad, so I recommend going with whatever is best for your budget, especially if thinking you need an expensive device is preventing you from getting started!


Tea Gear

Liz, seriously, you’re going to tell us about your mug?  Ummm yes because this isn’t just a mug, it’s a HEATED mug.  I know I’m not the only creative out there who never actually drinks anything hot because we get so sucked into projects that we always forget about that steaming drink waiting for us.


Also, I’m a mom, so for the past two years I haven’t had a single hot drink, but now I can set my drink to whatever temperature I want using the Ember app.  


And just a warning, your spouse/roommate/family members are going to try to “borrow” it every day.  I find that gentle hand slaps keep them away.

Back Pain Gear

I seem to bounce around from one back-breaking profession to another.  I started out as a potter (hello 50 lb. bags of clay and hunching over a pottery wheel all day) and now I draw on a small device all day (again, hunched over like a cobbler who needs glasses).

 Changing positions throughout the day is essential for me to keep my back in working order, so I bought a desk frame and computer stand that adjust so I can work in virtually any position I want. 

Writing Gear

I try to close my devices several times a day to make notes about my progress, realizations, and to-do lists.  I find stepping away from technology is crucial if I want to stay in a creative mindset, so I make a point to do some old-fashioned writing on paper every day.

I also love to use products with my own designs on it, not just because it feels awesome to see your own work on products, but because I like to know that the products I’m advertising are high quality goods that I would actually use myself.


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