What Are Vectors and Do You Need to Use Them?

If you just started drawing and designing on your iPad, you may have heard that you need to “vectorize” your drawings or that you need to learn how to use vectors to be a professional designer. In this post I want to dispel some of the myths about vectors, and help you decide whether or […]

Geometric Vector Illustration in Affinity Designer + 33 Geometric Vector Assets

There is something so satisfying about making perfect geometric shapes. Maybe it brings out my inner math nerd? I decided to create a class for all you other math nerds out there who feel frustrated that you can’t make things PERFECT in Procreate. (Am I just projecting here?) In the class, you’ll learn everything you […]

Affinity Designer for iPads: Pros, Cons, and Comparisons with Procreate

Spoiler: I’m going to try to convince you to get Affinity Designer for iPads.  Not because I get an affiliate bonus when you buy it (I don’t), but because I love it so much I want to share it with the iPad art and design community! A little history… I’ve been working in Photoshop and […]